LSU Triumphs in Game of the Century: Part II

The Alabama LSU game started out slow from Alabama. Quarterback Jalen Hurts timing and rhythm was probably hampered by his recent surgery and lack of playing time in recent games. I believe that Alabama has a very good running game, but they didn’t use it until the second half. With a 1:30 to go in the half, LSU scored and then Jalen Hurts threw a critical interception. On that Play, a Alabama offensive lineman got a personal foul penalty that resulted in a half the distance to the goal and and a immediate touchdown for the LSU Tigers. Thats 14 point in approximately 30 seconds.

How about Randy Moss son ? I didn’t realize he had a son that played college football and what a talented football player he is. What jumped out to me was the missed tackles and the Yac (yards after contact)  yards by the running backs and receivers. Kudos to LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, a transfer from Ohio State University. He had a long road with much adversity and has overcome a lot of injuries. This man is a model for perseverance and to me is the front runner for the Heisman Trophy.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see how LSU will finish out and how Nick Saban will rebound the Alabama Crimson Tide. Coach Saban clearly one of the greatest coaches of all time. Never count him out. Teams must be prepared each and every week in the Southeastern Conference.

The College Football Committee is starting to formulate their top teams. Where will Alabama stand and will the still be in the mix when its all said and done. Top teams are LSU, Ohio State Buckeyes ( my #1), Clemson (until someone knocks them off) and Oklahoma. I don’t understand the committee having the Georgia Bulldogs ahead of the Oklahoma Sooners. Georgia lost at home to the South Carolina Gamecocks and Oklahoma lost on the road to a much better Kanas State Wildcats.

In other news, how about Appalachian State Mountaineers beating the South Carolina Gamecocks and the North Carolina Tarheels in the same year ?

See you in week 12 !

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