The main story of Saturday, is the hip fracture to Tua Tagovailoa of the Alabama Crimson Tide, an injury similar to Bo Jackson’s career-ending injury. Surgery either last night or today. Nick Saban is taking a lot of heat for the injury in the game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. My position is that you play your best players that give you the best opportunity to win. Coach Saban said after the game that he was there to practice the two-minute drill. Typically, Alabama is way ahead and Tua is not in the game and he has missed a lot of playing time. So how do you prepare him for when the time comes that he has to answer the bell? Also, any player can get hurt on any play in any game. Never ever question Nick Saban.

The undefeated Baylor Bears got off to a fast start against the Oklahoma Sooners in last night’s Big 12 showdown. However, Baylor had the Ball for only five minutes in the second half. Bill Parcell’s once said, “The stage is too big for him.” This may have been the case for Baylor. With that said, Matt Rhule is one of the best coaches in the country, and will be a target for some NFL franchises.

Glad to see South Carolina Gamecocks Coach Will Muschamp get a vote of confidence. One of the very first recruits that I encountered when I started my career coaching at Middle Tennessee State University. Coach Muschamp was a prospect at the Darlington School in Rome, Georgia. Broke his leg his senior year, walked on at the University of Georgia and worked his way into being a Captain for the Georgia Bulldogs. I have enjoyed watching his career and can say that he was worked his way up the Hard Way. Man has extensive experience in the Southeastern Conference. Pulling for Coach Muschamp.

Scott Frost and the Nebraska Cornhuskers agree to a contract extension through 2026. I like this move in contrast to administrations only giving coaches two years to build their program and change their culture, like the precedent set by the Florida State Seminoles and the Arkansas Razorbacks. I received a text last Sunday from a veteran College/NFL Coach alluding to the fact that the Head Coaches are set, but what about the Assistant Coaches and their families. I can relate to that by personal experience. I have been watching Nebraska Football for 50 years and in my opinion, Nebraska has never been the same since they fired Frank Solich in 2003 for winning nine games.

Some quirks for Game-Day:

  • Saw a Quarterback Sneak on an offensive two- minute drive prior to half-time.

Last week a Major team gave up a Touchdown with a minute and a half to go in the game and they were up by two scores. They were in press man coverage with a blitz. Not a good time to be in prevent?

  • Penalties- I am not a fan of this “Hands the face rule.” It is not intentional by the player and it’s a judgement call by the official. The penalty for 15 yards is too extreme. Instant replay usually shows that the officials get the call wrong the majority of the time.
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