Hello! I’m here to introduce to you my new business – I branded, created, and designed this specifically to help coaches and their families during the moving transition.

A little bit about my background. I grew up in Oklahoma, went to school at Oklahoma State, played football there and I left there, went to Durant Oklahoma – southeastern Oklahoma State University. I was there one year, went and got a GA job at San Diego State University in San Diego, California. I had everything I owned, took it from my car all the way from Durant
to San Diego.

One year there, head coach is not retained so I was brought the bat – I was baptized about what the coaching transition is all about, the coaching profession. I went there, went to Ames Iowa, Iowa State University and was there for one year. I rented a room in a trailer house, there one year and head coach was gone. End up getting a job at Murray State University Murray in Kentucky. I rented there, took everything that I had in my car. Went, left there, was there for three years went to Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro Tennessee.

Me, my wife, we loaded everything that we had in my car – we had a band loaded down had a mattress on top of the car. We’re leaving Murray, we got Murray in the rear view mirror and I’m looking in my rearview mirror and we got this mattress tied down, and it started hydroplaning and it shoots up in there and it goes off. We had to make a 180 back to Murray we had to go get a u-haul, a trailer.

We got to Murfreesboro, we ended up owing two homes there we had a realtor (this could be the first experiences with Realtors, we had two different ones), the first one was the new construction home. We lived in it for a while and half the electrical outlets didn’t work. We bought another home and we had a freeze there one January, we’re gone to recruiting – we had recruits to in come home, our whole house was flooded to past bursted. And I guess with those two things it could have been really simple.

if the realtor would have looked at the inspection report, somebody would thoroughly he’d just gone through this and that was just a just a bad experience that we had rather bad with realtors.

We go from Murfreesboro to Cookeville, Tennessee – Tennessee Tech University (we put you know), we’re getting real close to football season in August for the reporting date was in August. We put a contract on a house and we’re looking around we’d go with the vacant lot, which you couldn’t see because there was a bunch of trees there. There was a sinkhole right next to this house that we had this contract on. We didn’t quite close but we were in fully executed contract mode. We had to go get an attorney to get us out of this contract.

We hustled all of her stuff, we rented, we eventually ended up buying a home and then we go to Knoxville, Tennessee and made a transition there, had a new realtor, we looked and looked. One of the homes we looked at was actively on the market but didn’t know it was under foreclosure. It was a great home and this realtor kept like, “Well now we can’t get it, can’t get it.” Probably because that realtor wasn’t gonna stand to make a commission on it. We get a real estate attorney that called the lender, we actually got the home and it was great.

And then we moved there, went to Dallas Texas and we’re going there, we’d get a realtor based upon a referral not knowing anybody and SMU, and SMU is probably the highest property value in Dallas, Texas or even been in the United States for that matter. So getting the bang for your buck and having some idea where you want to go is gonna be, is very unknown. So we ended up going to buying a home in Frisco, Texas which is 30 miles north of Dallas. It’s a suburb that has just exploded the last 10 or 15 years, but it was too far of a commute so we sold her home there – we had this realtor that sold it and we would go the closing table, and I guess the realtor attitude $10,000 HOA charge on which we were fully paid and we didn’t close. We refused to sign it, we went and got an attorney there in Dallas and we got out of that.

We bought a home, it was closer to Dallas and then at the end of her tenure there at SMU we were let go, a six-month service package (not a job), ended up taking a high school job, actually got down to the wire – you know with that six months package with her mortgage payments and it was just pressure, you know beyond belief. So we get the high school job, just loved it and then was there one year, kept her home, went to San Antonio, Texas. I helped Larry Coker start the program at UT San Antonio and we actually thought we were just looking on our own (me and Connie, my wife) and we found – actually ran into the best realtor to this day we we ever had.

We ended up having a great home there, a great experience – it was the first time that we really had experienced with storage units, because over time you ended up cumulating things, especially with the kids and their belongings. And so, at the end of our tenure there at UT San Antonio, we go to Beaumont, Texas to Lamar University. We go, we purchased the home we rented at first (an apartment, we had storage units again), and then we’re looking at this home we decided we can put a contract on. Our realtor was with us so we got in the car, we were gonna follow her back to her office and she just absolutely left us in the dust. And we had no idea, so it was another thing that we really don’t like; you know, someone just wouldn’t really thinking about your customer.

We get the home in July: November, nobody’s contracts were retained, we were let go so there was a couple of transitions (in a very short) in a 12-month period where we had two homes in 12 months; where we had to buy and we had to sell, and it was it was just critical so we sold her home there, kept looking to make a transition to the coaching business that didn’t work out, so we sold our home. We rented an apartment, finished there in Beaumont and we moved here where we’re now in Durango, Colorado.

I’m a licensed real estate agent, my wife Connie is licensed, and what we’re doing now is that we’re creating this new business for coaches – relocation business. We’re going to provide services to you, your wife and your children, and as we know whenever a coach makes the move he has to be there at his new location the next day. He’s gonna live in a hotel, he’s gonna live in a temporary headquarters of some fashion or form. Your wife and your children – they’re gonna be back there in your previous location trying to get the home sold or let the kids finish out their school year, and that’s going to be a very stressful, stressful time of transition so what we’re going to do is we’re going to try to make this thing less complicated.

We’re going to try to make it smooth and easy for you. This service were providing, it’s no charge, we’re going to find you a realtor – we can find it to sell your current home and we can find you one to buy your new home for your next location. So at random what you’ll do is you’ll go in and just let us help you find it – we’ll interview, we will vet, we will look at recommendations; and we’re also going to help you with your contracts, your days, your deadlines, your disclosures, and give you advice on moving and storage and insurers and

We’ve been through all that through three and a half decades so we’re going to be able to provide that service to you free of charge. So it’s a deal where to me, no one is doing this; it is a need, it’s a very serious need and one that nobody else provides. You all are out there looking for that five-star recruit – what I’m going to do is I’m going to find you that five-star realtor, someone’s that’s going to have your interests in their heart and to be able to find the best value for you, you know during your transition.

So whenever you buy your new home or your sell your existing home, we’re gonna find you know the very best realtor for you to make sure that you’re going to get everything that you need, and the transition is going to be smooth and easy. The is my website, all my contact information is on there (you will have all of you), there’s a questionnaire on there you can fill out how many bedrooms, square feet, location, you know all this stuff we’re going to look for that. So we’ll have some sort of idea of what your criteria is and we can narrow our focus down and make it (expedite it) and hopefully efficiently and and very very swiftly. So contact me, you can contact me at any time, there’s no strings attached. If you want to contact me, ask questions, so we’re here to help or provide service for the coaches and their families Thank you very much.

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